Monday, March 30, 2009


I've noticed I write about problems I'm having and then never mention if they've gotten resolved. Here's a synopsis:

We got a rabbi! He's more of less the official rabbi of the Bahamas, he's based in Miami and willing to come to Turks&Caicos to marry us. It's a done deal, ticket booked and everything.

My brother found a suit. We did a trip to Woodbury Commons outlets and he got an Armani linen suit. It's off-white and kind of gangsta. Now he's blowing up my phone about what kind of shoes and shirt he needs. Not on my to-do list, dude.

Weight. I did 5 hours with a personal trainer over the last few weeks and have lost about 5 pounds. I haven't hit my goal of 10 but it's more than the 3 I needed to lose.

I had questions, you had answers. Our moms will have corsages, I still have no idea how many centerpieces we'll need (but it's ok, my wedding planner is on it and they are being ordered today/tomorrow), I'm acknowledging gifts if I see the person, not calling or emailing otherwise, I'm not using a runner (unless I change my mind by tomorrow and rush out to get one somewhere in NYC) and my heel in boardwalk problem is being solved by the amazing Solemates product.

We still don't have a first dance song! On our way back from Turks&Caicos a few weeks ago, my ipod froze for the first time in its existence. It froze on the song "First Day of My Life" by Bright Eyes. When it unfroze and I listened to the song, I was sure it was a sign. The song is PERFECT. And IC actually approved, which is crazy because "Bright Eyes" is the band name he uses to laugh at mopey British singers on my ipod (yes, I know Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes isn't British, IC does not), like "who is this, Bright Eyes?". Anyway, we both agreed, this song is perfect. And then we tried dancing to it. Seriously, the word disaster doesn't really begin to cover it. People will be looking away in horror. You can't even sway to this song really, the beat is just impossible. My friend's sister is still working on covering that reggae song for us and what we've heard so far is beautiful, but we don't have the completed version yet and so are still looking for another song. I may have to give in to IC's Leonard Cohen song. Maybe.

I chose the diamond, shared prong wedding band. It's gorgeous. I keep taking it out of the box and trying it on and just loving it. I can't wait till it's on my finger permanently. And the veil, as mentioned two posts ago, is being made for me by my new seamstress.

The cake was ordered during our trip to Provo a few weeks ago. The cake-maker assures me she won't need 6 months to bake it.

We still don't have a honeymoon location but we're getting closer.

On music, we're still following my philosophy of choosing all the songs. We put together playlists of every single song we want played at every wedding related event. For the actual reception, we will have a dj but he will be instructed to play only the songs on the list. Still no Madonna but I let in one Britney song for my cutie future sister-in-law.


  1. Turks & Caicos is an excellent honeymoon location. After the wedding, just tell everyone else to go home.

  2. We are honeymooning there, just haven't picked a hotel yet.

  3. haha BRITNEY!!!!!!! Im shocked you just dont love her too, but Im so fortunate to have you make me an exception! whoot whoot, TWO DAYS! I've already got my dancing shoes and my party hat on. yayay lets do this...
    FSIL ...dropping in the F sooooooooon!!!