Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How weddings make you want to maim those you love

Two months ago:
Me: You need to get a light colored suit.
My brother (picture a thick Brooklyn accent): Don't worry 'bout it.

One month ago:
Me: What's up with the suit?
Him: Why you worrying? Stop worrrrrrying. I said I'm on it. You can take it off your list of things to think about.

Two weeks ago:
Him: Ok, ok, ok, I'm going to spend a whole day looking this weekend.

A week ago:
Me: I'm going to kill you.
Him: It's not my fault! I got sick and I couldn't look and I really need you to help me, waaaaaaaaah.
Me: I took it off my list of things to think about!!!


  1. hahahaha NICE! Ronnie if its any consolation I dont have a dress - although I never told anyone to take it off any sorta list.. :)

  2. I hope your brother is made to feel suitably guilty for a long time.

    Congrats on the engagement and have an amazing day on the 6th.