Friday, March 27, 2009

Yet another reason why this blog exists

I posted some questions a few posts below and got some excellent, thoughtful answers from my amazing commenters. One question regarded my fear of getting a heel stuck in the boardwalk which is serving as my "aisle." An anonymous commenter suggested I look into SoleMates, a little plastic piece you put over your heel so it doesn't sink into grass or, in my case, cracks in a boardwalk. GENIUS.

My mom, IC's mom and IC's sister will each be attaching one to their heels to insure they don't stumble on the boardwalk either.

I'm so excited that a product like this exists. I had a total "America! What a country!" moment when I saw that comment.

Solemates has a really useful website which tells you all the places you can buy their incredible invention, or order online. $11.95 to avoid falling down in your wedding dress, or sinking your Louboutins into wet grass? PRICELESS.


  1. I blogged about them a few weeks ago!!! They are an amazing invention! And totally perfect for boardwalks!!!!

  2. These must be a 'blog' favorite...I did a piece on them too :=)

    Definitely a MUST HAVE item for an outdoor soiree.