Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man

"What should my man wear?" I've gotten this question from many of our invited women guests. Apparently, they've got themselves sorted but the men don't know what to wear. We didn't specify attire on our invitations but when asked we take a cue from our friends BB and Misha and describe the suggested attire as "resort chic" as they did for their own destination wedding.

I'm no fashionista but wedding insanity has made me a pro in online shopping so I can offer some suggestions below.

I think the best look for men for a beach wedding is linen. Actually, my love of the linen-wearing man is well documented.

IC will be wearing a linen suit and while we don't suggest the invited guests wear suits, though they obviously can if they wish, linen is something comfortable and good-looking to wear in the heat. I know at least one of my readers/guests, the wonderful Jake, hates linen, so to him, and others like him, I say wear whatever means "resort chic" to you. I know you'll look fabulous. This is a pretty funny anti-linen pictorial. But c'mon, ladies, are you with me here? Does linen not just look very, very sexy on men?

Some linen suggestions:

Armani Exchange Linen Dress Pants, available in white and black, $88:

Brooks Brothers Linen Alternating Stripe Sport Shirt, $89.50 or 3/$199 (they have other linen shirts, too.)

Lilly Pulitzer - Woven Linen Shirt at Saks, on sale for $92.90:

More casual options are the Two A.M Flat Front Linen Pants at Nordstrom, $59.50

And BOSS Black Men's "Righ" Linen Pants at Bloomingdale's, $125.00

And, a more formal look for a bunch of money is this Etro Linen Suit at Bergdorf, $1,775.00:

These are just some looks I've come across in my online shopping binges. I'm sure the fellas will look great in whatever they end up wearing.


  1. Linen pants are so beach chic for men, wish more men wore them!

  2. I've sneakily introduced more and more linen shirts to David's wardrobe, I don't think he quite realizes it ;-) A shame we can't make it to your wedding, possibly my only chance to get him in a linen suit! :-( Steff

  3. Love em all girl. I can't explain it, but there's just something sexy about linen wearing men.

  4. I agree that girls get a turn on to sharply dress men. That's why I'm collecting suits like linen suits and baroni suits.