Saturday, March 21, 2009

I have questions, you have answers?

1. In the Jewish tradition, IC will be walked down the aisle by both of his parents and then I'll be walked down by both of mine. In that case, do our moms hold a bouquet?

2. How many centerpieces do I need for about 66 people? I asked two flower shops and the answers ranged wildly.

3. We've started receiving gifts. We'll be sending thank you cards after the wedding but do I acknowledge the gifts with a call or email now?

The next couple of questions require visual aids:

This is the path I'll be walking down to get married:

At the end of the path is this boardwalk:

4. Should I get a runner? I'm worried about the bottom of my dress getting destroyed as the path is right by the beach and has no choice but to get dirty. Does it take away from the setting to have a runner?

5. Will my heels get stuck in the boardwalk? Should I not be wearing heels?


  1. Is the ceremony on the sand?

  2. 1. The mothers should not hold any flowers. You should, they shouldn't. Who is going to be holding your flowers during the ceremony?
    4. If you get a neural runner it won't look bad white/beige. Also you won't have to worry about the heels getting stuck in the board walk.
    - Pdov

  3. 1. Mothers should have corsages, not bouquets...
    2. Centerpieces depends on how large (and how many people) each table can hold...
    3. If you know the people really well, give them an email or call, but it isn't expected...
    4. you probably only need to worry about the boardwalk and your shoes if the heel is pointy. As far as your dress goes, you can make sure it is hemmed JUST hight enough, or get a runner. (is is a long boardwalk????)

  4. Who is going to be holding your flowers during the ceremony?

    That's what I was thinking! I hand them off to my mom, right?

    you probably only need to worry about the boardwalk and your shoes if the heel is pointy

    They are :-( . Am I taking an unnecessary risk?

  5. Here is my 2 cents :-)

    1 - Corsages for moms is what I have been seeing at most weddings
    2 - one centerpiece per table - no?
    3 - a thank you card is perfectly sufficient I feel, that's what they're for
    4 - runner absolutely
    a) it will look prettier
    b) keep your dress from dragging the dirt along
    c) you wont lose a shoe in the cracks along the way
    5 - see above

  6. Either you mom should hold it or someone under the chuppah (your brother maybe or IC's sibling?), I would just designate someone before hand, so they know. If your mom is reading any kind of blessing then maybe someone else should hold it?

  7. Bear in mind that even with a runner, sufficiently slender heels could still poke into the cracks between the boards. In fact it might be more likely since you won't be able to see the cracks--not that you can see them as you walk just with your dress on, but the mind can subconsciously steer you around a lot of things that it can see. But anyway--main point, heels can still poke through a runner. Flats or chunky heels is my advice.

  8. I think I'm going to take a chance with the shoes. I just love them so much, and my dress has been hemmed to their heel size. I'll just be extra careful. Or, provide some awesome stumbling bride pictures.

    Still undecided on a runner, despite the fact that I'm running out of time.

    Thanks so much for all the awesome advice here. You ladies are SMART!


  10. Anonymous, you are a genius!

  11. I'd still be inclined to take a practice run. Uh, walk.

  12. 1.Mothers have corsages pinned to their breast/shoulder or, by their preference, to a hat (if they are wearing it). Bouquet is only in your hands. My sister had a maid of honor At my sister's wedding (Jewish wedding in synagogue) she had a maid of honor, so I made a small colorful bouquet for her, too. Somebody was holding her bouquet under the huppah, don't remember who.
    2. How many centerpieces depends on seating arrangement. If you have 8-9 round tables, for 8 guests each, you need 10 centerpieces (in case 1-2 gets damaged). If, as you decided earlier, you have a U-shape communal table, you might need more.
    3. Email.
    4-5. I wouldn't get a runner. You will have somebody walking alongside while you'll on the boardwalk, either your parents or your husband (yay!), count on their supporting arm. You're aiming at coherent visual effect, for contrast between your high heels and gorgeous dress - and the natural elements of sand and weathered wood, and water, and the skies - don't ruin the contrast, then. You'll send the dress to the cleaners afterwards, anyway - don't worry about the hemline.