Monday, March 2, 2009


Today is 5 weeks from our wedding day. Our wedding weekend is even closer than that --4 weeks, 3 days until we arrive in Provo.

So, of course, today begins the cramming to make my body look better before I hit the beach and have to get into a white, poofy dress (just kidding, it's neither white nor poofy).

I need to lose about 3 pounds, from my regular weight, to have my dress hang on me the way that I'd like. In addition to that, I want to lose 7 more pounds for 10 in total because, well, I'm vain.

My weight/body situation is thus: I lose weight rather easily. When I dropped the 40, or so, pounds it was through my patent pending system of only eating when I was hungry. I know, I know, it's revolutionary. I wasn't living the healthiest lifestyle at the time (seriously, ladies, you want to lose weight fast? Take up poker and play it all the time. There's no time to eat when you're at a table 8-10 hours a day) but even when I cleaned up my act I kept losing weight just by only eating when I was hungry (as opposed to eating because you're bored, because your friend is hungry, because you're killing time, because the leftovers are there and will go bad if you don't eat them, etc.) I ate anything I wanted, cheese fries, chocolate, but only when I was actually hungry. After awhile, my body was craving healthier food and I was the happiest with my body that I had ever been.

I also gain weight rather easily. About a week ago, I went back to my only-eating-when-hungry system. At the start of this last weekend, I was at my target weight (the need target, not the want target). I had lost the 3 pounds I needed to lose and was awfully proud of myself. So IC spent the whole weekend feeding me. We went to West Branch on Saturday and Vero on Sunday. We had multiple pasta dishes. I discovered an awesome simple recipe for home fries (I like to fry up some shallots with the potatoes) and we had those both Saturday and Sunday. And we chomped on the chocolate pretzels he brought me from his business trip to Ohio. And now? Now, the three pounds are back.

But that's ok. That's ok. Because the fitness regimen and the diet starts here. On Saturday, IC and I went to the wedding workshop hosted by Lindsay Landman Events that I mention in the post below. And in the awesome goody bag was the one item I totally, really, truly needed (as opposed to the cookies in the bag which I totally, really, truly didn't need)--a month gym pass to Crunch gym! There are 3 Crunch gyms in my general vicinity and I'm planning to make this a 3-4 times a week effort. The general plan is to take a class each day. Nothing crazy, more like yoga, pilates and, my personal favorite, abs classes. Maybe the pole dancing class that everyone raves about. Maybe. The classes will serve to put me on a schedule. I have to be there by noon today, for example. I will also do as much cardio as I can muster and lift some weights, particularly to try and tone my problem areas--my arms and thighs.

And nice try, universe, I'm still going:

Picture 010


  1. OMG!! What great timing to get a month pass to the gym. Its like the universe wanted you to reach your want goal and feel super duper fabulous on your wedding day! although I must say if your wedding was tomorrow you'd still look super duper fabulous! ;) I wish I lived near you so we could go together bc I could really benefit from this too. YAY for cool gifts. Slash where are those chocolate pretzels. I want some.

  2. wow K, Im so jealous you lose weight so easily...give me some of those good genes! Hope to see you soon

  3. If you stop eating when you're bored (which I totally do) what do you do instead when you're bored? (Or were you really playing poker all that time?)

  4. It was more like before I'd eat something I'd ask myself if I was hungry or if I was just eating it because it was there. Like with any diet or lifestyle, it is ultimately mind over matter, you still need discipline and willpower. I really found, though, that it was other people that made me eat more than anything else. I'd feel bad if I didn't join my friend in eating or didn't snack with everyone else. As soon as I broke that, everything changed.

    And yes, poker is a big boredom killer. Also gets the heartrate up.