Friday, March 6, 2009

The list

Ok, ok, I updated our registry after complaining about the process, mostly because my friend Lisa came over the other night and the sweetest, 7-month pregnant girl in the whole world told me that our registry was WEAK. And that's a quote.

So we really spent some time thinking about it and we've added a bunch of stuff to the Amazon one (I think we've full abandoned the Bloomingdale's one Update, we've streamlined it but left things on it that we like) that we really like and would love to have.

Seriously, how cute is this Le Creuset Stoneware Petite Pear Casserole:

As a total, irrelevant sidenote: I have a thing for pears. I love the word "pear" in Russian: groosha. And here I am eating the world's smallest pear in Vegas (pre-engagement as you can see by my naked finger):

K eating world's smallest pear


  1. HA HA!! 8 months preggo today actually:)

    You can make hot appetizer dips in that Le Creuset pear(think of the possibilities)...I'm testing out a hot crab dip this weekend and I will let you know if it is Creuset worthy!

  2. That is the cuttest little pear!

  3. Lisa, Hot crab dip sounds like it will definitely be Creuset-worthy.

    And Sharon, I know, I was in love with mini fruit in Vegas. I don't know how they do it! I don't know how they do anything out there, actually. It's amazing!