Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday imagery

I love this blog. LOVE. It's helping me voice (ink? type?) the problems I've had with this whole wedding planning thing while focusing any ideas I had on what it will be. For example, IC said the other day "so our color is blue, huh?" I hadn't noticed but the images that I enjoy of other people's weddings tend to be blue. So yes, blue it probably will be. Israeli flag blue or Dallas Cowboys star blue? Maybe both.

Other images which have appealed to me recently:

The photo of this Moongate does not mean I've given up on a Turks&Caicos wedding in April. But, yes, moongates are a feature of the Bermuda island landscape.

This image is from I Do Wedding Planners, per Karin in my comment section, a wedding planning group in Israel. I am in love with this chupa:

I got this one from Tropical Destination Management, wedding planners in Turks&Caicos. I love long tables. I think they're so much more festive and intimate (although I'd probably have people sitting all along the inner "U" shape of the tables):

So, to sum up: I like the way moongates look but they're mostly available on only one island--which is our back-up June island. I love the Israeli chupa, though we're definitely not getting married in Israel. And, I enjoy long tables though if we pick a resort which only has round tables I'm not going to get long tables shipped in or anything like that.

And that's WITH this site focusing my vision.


  1. Karol - why don't you just get married at City Hall in April (before the omer) and then have the party in June? you have to go to city hall anyway because you are getting married out of the country and then maybe you won't be so stressed? Plus, it was just renovated - http://www.nytimes.com/2009/01/08/nyregion/08marriage.html?scp=2&sq=city%20hall%20wedding&st=cse

  2. But even then we'll have to find a place for June. May as well do it all at the same time. I'm not stressed, really, just a little overwhelmed by all the possibilities.

  3. i love your long table pics. just a thought though- have you been to a wedding with long tables? as a guest, you're sort of trapped- can't really get up and socialize w/other tables. they are visually beautiful, but in practice not as fun.

  4. That's the most stunning chupa ever. Of course, the background helps make it more stunning. Wow.