Wednesday, January 7, 2009

About the current favored venue

There are a lot of aspects of Nikki Beach Turks&Caicos that I like. The photos look really beautiful, they would let us party all night following our wedding, it's secluded and it's small enough that we would be the great majority at the resort. But this article mentions some things I like...less.

"go-go dancer girls (shipped in weekly from Miami) sashaying to house music on the poolside bar."

I'm not sure what's worse, actually, the shipped in go-go dancer girls or the house music.

The rest of the article makes it sound like it's a disco-club with obnoxious rich people thrown in:

"It's the spearhead of an attempt to trade on the Turks' sun-soaked beauty while swapping the islands' sleepy reputation for more hardcore tropical partying.


Chillaxing aside, this is still Nikki Beach, home of infamous Sunday house music day parties, tabletop champagne fights, and Winter Music Conference celeb-DJ events, so better save sleeping for the plane ride home. And that better be a private flight, poseur. "

I like sleepy! And I don't think I've ever chillaxed.

It's still under consideration, obviously, but the major draw-back to booking a wedding so far away from home is that I won't get a chance to see what it's really like there. Maybe the go-go girls are good entertainment. And maybe the house music is played quietly as people relax. Oy. Maybe.

UPDATE: This writer visited Nikki Beach just last month and makes no mention of go-go girls or house music.

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