Friday, January 9, 2009

Learn something wedding-related every day

"Remember when it comes to wedding invitations, they should always be handwritten – even if it is a more informal wedding."

-Ritzy Bee.


  1. enjoy your carpal tunnel!

    i don't mind if mine is machine printed.

    so jealous of those shoes!!!

  2. Yours will totally be machine printed. And you can't have my shoes. Do they make Louboutin for men? I can totally see you, WZA, and only you, rocking the red sole.

  3. Karol, I am a Mother of the Bride, four weeks away from a Valentine's Day Wedding we have been planning for 9 months. My own wedding was in April -planned in 11 weeks- and my first daughter's was in October and planned in 13 weeks. Your schedule is right on, but decisions need made and not revisited. Machine printed is fine - somethings change with technology and just because you used a machine and not hand written invites, doesn't mean you care about the person any less. Good Luck.