Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Learn something wedding-related every day

"Do you know that in Judaism, your wedding starts the moment that you get engaged, and only ends a year after your wedding?"

-Meg at A Practical Wedding.


  1. I certainly understand your angst over making everything perfect for Your Day. (After all, it's drilled into women almost from the day they're born.) I sincerely hope it's everything you dream of.

    I just wish people would put as much effort into their marraige as they do into their wedding.

  2. It's just a wedding. Who gives a sh&t?

    Seriously, throw a nice party, don't sweat the details too much, and be done with it. It'll be over in a day, and all you'll have to show for your months of stress and agonizing over which bow is prettiest is a damn photo album you'll only look at occasionally.

    YOU ARE GOING TO BE MARRIED UNTIL ONE OF YOU DIE. Or, at least you should be.

    You and your fiancee need to be sure you're on the same page financially, children-wise, and in law wise. You two need to be on the same plan, with the same goals, and the similar desires.

    If you already are, fantastic. If you aren't, getting on the same page for the LIFE-LONG issues is a ton more important than wether or not your wedding dress has nice shoulder straps or the center piece is the wrong shade of teal.

    I'm seconding Auvox's comment on planning your marriage more than your wedding.

    My wife and I spent maybe 10-12 hours planning our wedding and collecting materials & choosing vendors. The day was over before it began, and while fun, I'm glad we didn't stress on unimportant details or go into debt to pay for it.

    You can start out your married life stressing over pointless details on a vanishingly quick day, or you can start your married life with an eye on the big picture.

    Choose wisely.

  3. I assure both of my new commenters that I'm entirely focused on the marriage and that's why I'm having so much trouble planning the wedding.

    I don't need everything to be perfect or whatever, I just want it to be us. And, so far, we haven't figured out what that would be.

    And don't jump to all kinds of conclusions like you have--I would've eloped in a heartbeat. Read more of this blog and you'll see.

  4. I found this out too after I got engaged. I love that I can be a bride for a whole year. They wedding goes so fast its nice to enjoy the aftermath.