Thursday, January 8, 2009


When we got engaged someone told me to start collecting wedding images that I like to help direct my wedding vision, or lack thereof. Maybe I'll see a veil or a place setting and want to duplicate it for my own. I tried to do that. But, well, I didn't get far.

I have, in total, three images:

I don't even remember what this is, or where I got it. Is it a cake? What I liked about is the flower. When I picture myself carrying flowers, they're blue and look sort of like that.

Then there are these two images, both by photographer David Wolfe in Grand Cayman. I really like his work and if Grand Cayman were to somehow work out (doubtful), he'd likely be our photographer. The first photo is taken at The Wharf, an incredible restaurant in GC. We had been there during our trip and could not rave enough about the food. I'm still thinking of the Wahoo I had there. I didn't even know it was The Wharf when I asked David where it was taken. It's just such a beautiful setting. It looks like what I imagine our reception will look like (except, for some reason, I prefer long rectangular tables to smaller round ones).

The second photo appeals to me because you can see some sort of floor and (I think) the ocean in the background. I'm still not sold on the whole ceremony in sand idea and I definitely don't want the reception to be on the beach. But if there were some way to have it very close to the beach as this reception appears to be, that would be my preference.


  1. My aunt and uncle got married (for the second time) on the sand when I was a kid, and I still remember it being awkward and hard to move around. It's hard to be graceful on soft-packed sand, and I don't imagine you want to be below the tide line.

    And I think those are (dyed) violets on the cakes, which means they're probably teeny individual cakes. (They look like larkspur, but I'm pretty sure larkspur's poisonous...)

  2. They're dyed!? Yeah, I don't know anything about flowers. I guess I figured flourescent blue grew out of the ground.

  3. There are some delphiniums/larkspurs that are pretty close to that color, actually. But, again, poisonous.

    And they're on stalks, so probably not great for carrying either? Not sure about that part. Maybe a good florist would know how to work with them.

  4. collecting images is a great idea, although I didn't get that far either with it. For beautiful beach/outdoor ideas check out pics on my wedding planner's website:
    We got married on the beach in Ceasarea, Israel and it was incredible. There's a short clip of the wedding on UTube if you're interested. Just search under my name.

    Good luck!

  5. Great site! I am already obsessed with that chupa.