Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's all happening

It's all starting to come together and for the first time in this whole process wedding planning has started to

It's still stressful, there are so many moving parts and details, I'm essentially planning a vacation for 80 people, but I'm finally seeing the big picture.

And little things are starting to make sense too. As my friend Lisa pointed out in one of the comment sections, it turns out I'm not much of a planner, but I'm actually focusing on all the little things that need to be done.

Also, and this is the crazy part, I've actually managed to do some small creative things in our planning which is particularly amazing because I'm not at all crafty or artsy. It's so exciting when I get a creative wedding idea and IC has just been the most encouraging, amazing fiance of all time. I read this post during a full day of wedding mania and looked at my wonderful IC who was patiently looking at reply card options, deciding whether our centerpieces would feature shells and encouraging my ebay purchases to make our invitations unique. Love. Him.

My trip to Turks&Caicos was a success in that I saw us getting married there in a way I didn't when we were in Aruba over new years. I saw five properties in total and the fact is any of the five would work. There's one that is my favorite, but two others that could easily fill the role of venue and not miss a beat. I'll post here when a decision is reached, we're very, very close.


  1. That's great news!!! I'm glad the trip worked out.

    (BTW the post you linked to was kinda scary. That IC of yours is a keeper. But you already knew that.)

  2. Haha, thanks. But you know, I can totally imagine guys (or, frankly, myself before this whole process) being like "who cares what ______ looks like, just pick one" not realizing that PICKING ONE is the whole work of it. As I've written here before, I haven't been picturing my wedding all my life so bang, I had to start picturing and quick. And he's been totally supportive in that.