Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Spending the first thirty dollars

I am about to make my very first wedding-related purchase (the only other wedding related items I own are The Knot's guide to destination weddings, purchased for me by my adorable and sweet future-sister-in-law and a Williams-Sonoma Bride&Groom Cookbook, an engagement gift from my cutie-pie friend Lisa) and it's two pairs of flip-flops. Blogger brides featured one of them and when I visited the ESNY bridal shoe site I saw another pair that I'd like.

As we're still not sure if we're getting married on the actual beach or just in an area overlooking the beach, I can't say whether I'd wear these during the ceremony. But they're cute enough that it's a possibility. Anyway, I could always use another pair of flip-flops and I'm picturing myself wearing these around the resort even if I do opt for regular shoes for the ceremony and reception.

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