Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So, I'm doing it. Well, we're doing it. But really I'm doing it. I'm leaving for Providenciales, Turks&Caicos tomorrow, by myself. I have seven appointments to see all different kinds of properties, each with its own pros and cons.

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I'm sort of dreading the trip (and, yes, it's been hard to get sympathy from my friends with my "waaaaah, I'm going to the Caribbean alone"). But I am. For several reasons:

1) IC and I are still in the, apparently nauseating, phase where we don't like to be apart at all, let alone for two nights.

2) I find the idea that I have to, all by myself, pick the place for us to get married quite daunting. One thing that works so well in our relationship is the bouncing of thoughts and ideas off each other. And while IC is the sweetest guy in the world and I'm, um, not the sweetest girl in the world, I'm a total optimist and am actually the waaaaaay more agreeable one around strangers "yes, that's awesome, wow, wonderful" while he asks the pointed questions and gives me the pessimist's point of view of the situation.

3) I am terrible, awful, horrible, can't do it, at talking about money. I have to ask all kinds of questions about how much things cost and if they can make it any cheaper. Hate.

4) I feel pressure to come back with a place. If I don't find something that works, we're not getting married in April, simple as that. The idea of looking at new dates and places is just... oyyyyy my head.

5) This one is actually the worst. What if I take this trip, find a place and we still can't make it happen? One major thing right now is that Turks&Caicos doesn't have a rabbi on the island. People tell us things like "you can just fly one in". But can we? Like who? And from where? And do they stay the weekend? Do they bring their wife? We don't know. Also, the original plan to have people come Fri-Mon is falling apart. Apparently, T&C is quite a religious island so it will be hard to get people to work our event on a Sunday. So now we're thinking Sat-Tue but there are no direct flights on Saturdays. Also, Passover is that Wednesday so we'd be leaving people with one day to get ready for the holiday (and it's one of those holidays you do actually have to "get ready" for, even us secular Jews). And this is just a teeny tiny little slice of the kinds of problems we've been having and why this blog exists.


  1. If they are really a religious country they will be shut down for that whole week. It is Holy week in the Christian church starting at Palm Sunday leading up to Easter the following Sunday. In Panama, you get two weeks off and nothing happens. Sigh...Why did my parents emigrate?

  2. Yeah, here's the thing. They're religious in that they would prefer not to work on Sundays but if you want to make them work on Sundays that'll be like $250 extra a staff member. So, religious, sure, but also very doable.

  3. I find the idea that I have to, all by myself, pick the place for us to get married quite daunting.

    You can take pictures/video and upload to flickr or something, right? For us... er, IC to assess?

    And do you have your own rabbi you could fly in? Or are you thinking there's one on a nearby island? (I hope that doesn't read as sarcastic as it looks to me. It's an honest question.)

    I sort of know about the planning for Passover, as far as clearing the house, but I don't know if it's something that could be done before they left for the wedding?

  4. Yes, the rabbi is the only part of the list that is truly difficult, the rest is doable. And we're figuring the rabbi out now: http://www.rabbirentals.com/ (!!!)

    It's 11:18pm and I'm still only like 65% taking the flight at 6am, though (American Airlines lets you hold your ticket till 5am for free!!!).