Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Marry us!

We chose Turks & Caicos for our wedding for many reasons. It's beautiful, secluded yet accessible and just generally fit a lot of our criteria for a destination.

The one big drawback, for us, was that there was no rabbi on Turks & Caicos. We were so surprised by this. There are Jews everywhere. Even in Kabul, Afghanistan there were two synagogues (of course, there were also only two Jews in Kabul and they hated each other and each went to their own synagogue--true story, google it). There are Chabad Houses all over the world. But none in Turks & Caicos. So close to Miami! Who could believe it?

While neither of us is very religious, we did want a Jewish wedding and pretty specifically wanted it to be either Conservative or Orthodox instead of Reform.

We started looking for a rabbi but ran into a problem right away. Our wedding is on a Monday and everyone flies home on Tuesday. Passover begins on Wednesday and most rabbis just couldn't get away then.

My mom suggested we contact a rabbi she knows very well, one who performed my brother's Bar Mitzvah. He asked to meet with us and IC took to him like a house on fire. He was perfect, with the dry wit and humor that IC was seeking. He also seemed very wise. And then he said "you asked me for a rabbi to perform your marriage. I can not say then 'I am that rabbi!'" We were like "no, you totally can." But he was fairly adamant that he'd find us someone else. He suggested some funky, bohemian rabbi thinking that that was what we wanted (he called us "sophisticated" like 3 times. We both giggled.). But we didn't, we wanted him.

We gave up on that rabbi and moved on. We priced flights from Aruba to Turks & Caicos as we had met an amazing rabbi on that island over new years. It was madly expensive. We looked at Rabbirentals.com. No, I'm not kidding. I contacted two other rabbis who I had heard lecture in the past. While I was waiting for an answer, our rabbi called and agreed to do it.

We're so happy about it! We love the fact that he has a real connection to my family and also the connection between him and IC was really amazing. It's the perfect fit and we couldn't be happier.


  1. YAY for Rabbi's!! I'm so glad thats just one more thing to cross off the list. Slowly slowly coming together! It's funny because remember you first were really into Turks and then crossed it out and then went through a million and two other islands and it ended up at the Turks. And we sorta started at Kleinfelds and then went around and around and then bought your dress at Kleinfelds. And you and IC were like bff's for two hundred years and you went round and round looking for mates but instead you just ended up with eachother. And now the Rabbi...if your wedding was the prom, your theme would be something like "back to the beginning" - catchy? haha

    ps - why aren't you putting me to more work?! use and abuse me please.

  2. Two synagogues in Kabul Afghanistan...where do you find these things?!

  3. Rabbi - done. Location - done. Caterer - done. Dress - done. Flowers - done. Band/DJ - done. Tux rental - ? Bridesmaids' dresses - ?

    You are almost there, kids.


  4. Flowers and band/dj very much not done. But on the flip side he's not wearing a tux and I'm not having bridesmaids so you can scratch those off the list.

    And FSIL, that was hysterical. I giggled my way through reading that. I just need to weigh all my options! Sue me!

  5. Awesome! You have the husband and the place and the rabbi, so now the rest is gravy and fun.

  6. Everything always works out for Karol!

  7. That's wonderful he'll be there!