Friday, February 6, 2009

Picture it

Even though IC proposed at the end of September, and even though we're getting married two months from today, we're planning to do an engagement photography session this weekend. I only learned that such a thing existed in December or so. I love, love, love pictures, so once I found out about the concept of engagement photographs, I wanted it and wanted it bad. The problem has been that despite the global warming we were promised, the weather has been frickin' freezin'. This Sunday, though, it's supposed to be in the 50's (that's like summer at this point) and sunny. We think we have a photographer we like that will do it at a reasonable price. Once he confirms, I'll link to his work to show you all. Update: It's Dave from DMoment Photography. Check out his work here. We particularly liked his engagement photos. He also blogs here.

The only consideration, really, is where to do it. We want to do it somewhere meaningful to us. We live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, pretty close to Central Park. And while I'm sure that if we decide to do it in the park it will be beautiful, I wish I could think of something a little more original.

We spend a lot of our summer on the beach in Atlantic Beach or Long Beach in Long Island, so I half-thought about doing it there, but figure with the wedding happening in Turks & Caicos, we'll have enough beach shots.

I would, of course, love to do it in Brooklyn, on the boardwalk, on the beach, in the streets, whatever, because, well, that's the best borough, but IC has some crazy Queens dedication that I'll never fully understand. So that brings us back to our neighborhood. The best idea I've got is to take some shots on the little island where Amsterdam and Broadway meet as we can see this island from our apartment. These are shots taken from our window of the island:

View from window

Picture 007

But even still, how many shots can we take on that island?

So, I'm looking for suggestions from New Yorkers on picture-taking ideas. Primarily we're interested in the Upper West Side but I suppose we're open to a bit of travel if it's something really cool.

And if we end up in Central Park it's not the end of the world. I just want some pro pictures of me and my baby, to remember this beautiful time when everything was hectic and insane, but we took the time out to document our love for each other and our anticipation of our future.

Suggest me up in the comment section if you're not barfing too hard over the last paragraph.


  1. I'd probably do it at the Dakota, but I'm also a Victorian architecture nerd. I dig that little island, actually. Especially if you were super-overdressed and it looked like a couture editorial spread.

  2. Well, if you're not going to go to Brooklyn, which is by far the best borough, how about Riverside Park? You'll get both park and water shots.

    But I do love the idea of your island shots too. Those will be real memories of where you were when.

  3. the island is cool i definitely like the idea of a flow of traffic surrounding the subject. sort of like the calm in the midst of the chaos. it might be kind of hokey but you can go to homers on the uws and order milkshakes and fries and do a fifties type shoot. also the library bar has a really nice setting for a shoot. i also think rooftops are cool but you would prob have to go to brooklyn for that. yana has a cool industrial one with a big storage sign in the background.

  4. Staten Island Ferry. You'll get killer background shots of both the Statue of Liberty AND the downtown skyline. After that, a short walk/cab to the South Street Seaport for those crazy awesome ships in the background. Also, on Wall Street, the Cipriani columns are a great place for shots. Very austere.


  5. Central Park - c'mon you won't have the wedding shots there, it's beautiful with numerous spots for gorgeous backdrops. Or a nice brownstone backdrop in your 'hood with some trees on the street. I think if you are surrounded by traffic and noise it would be too distracting and you wouldn't be able to concentrate as well. - Steff

  6. Cliche or not cliche, central park never fails as the perfect backdrop. Do it there, with a few on the island!