Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sit down

I haven't been able to sleep. I've been hopping out of bed super early with my mind racing, all wedding all the time.

I have to admit, when brides have made a comment like that to me in the past, I really didn't sympathize. Don't worry, princess, your hair will be styled just so and you'll have the exact shade of teal tableclothes your little heart desires. But I'm not thinking of menu wording or seat cards. I'm not considering whether we'll have the talked-about after-party bonfire on the beach with a s'mores station. That's all fun planning, and I hope that part comes later.

Right now it's all airline offer codes, and fighting for group deals, and having to ask people whether they will attend despite the fact that invitations haven't gone out yet (this is actually as much for them as for us. Airline prices are madly fluctuating and we're starting to get afraid that when people start booking for our specific dates, they'll really spike).

Other examples of unfun issues we're dealing with right now include, but are not limited to that we still don't have a rabbi, and when we do find a rabbi to fly in he'll need kosher meals and where do we find that in Providenciales? IC has some concerns about the dance floor space (he thinks it's too small and we may end up renting a dancefloor to put right on the beach). IC still needs a suit. The invitations are ordered but the reply cards still need designing and printing. There are a million boring, annoying details to think about and my mind is buzzing all the time with every last one of them.

I need a break so on this early Saturday morning I want to blog about something frivilous and fun. And by fun, I mean funner that airline problems.

Reception tables.

I really like long tables. It feels very family and festive to have a long table full of your friends. Small round tables lead to people only hanging out with those around them. I wanted to make more of a cohesiveness between all the guests as they are spending a whole weekend together.

I got this image from, a destination wedding planning company in Turks&Caicos (we're not using a wedding planner, at least not yet, because all of the details thus far are not something anyone but myself or IC could handle without a lot of guidance). I like the U-shaped look but I think I'd prefer to have seats all along the inside of the U as well:

I love this look, from Martha Stewart. In a perfect situation, I'd love to have one very, very long table to fit all of our guests. It's not possible, though, for our location, the measurements of the location don't allow it:

Also from Martha Stewart, this is really pretty but I don't think high centerpieces work for long tables. I want people across from each other to be able to see and talk to each other with nothing in their way:

Two more long table examples, the top one from Martha Stewart, the bottom one from Blogger Brides.

Now, as I said earlier in this post, I am completely not up to thinking about anything like this yet. Maybe our venue only has round tables and if so, whatever, round table us up! I'll live, and live well. But there's something about picturing how I'd like things to look on our wedding day that makes me really happy. Even if things don't work out as I've pictured them, just the act of daydreaming while I'm working on all the aforementioned boring details brings me a little joy.


  1. SO! I'm glad to hear that you have found joy in long and round tables, haha. Luckily you're wedding is 2 months from yesterday, so that means - only 2 months from yesterday left! Or even less if you consider that you are flying out a few days early, and by then you're already on this beautiful island and that in itself has to be a load off. Well, I enjoy the long table idea as long as the inner U folks don't have too much crowding. But like you said, its not the end of the world to have small round tables because most of the action will be on the dance floor anyway, so people can mingle and grind there ;) I agree no big flowers in the middle aside from talking issues it all just looks too cluttered and overdone. The top martha stewart pic bottom blogger bride pic are both nice but missing a sort of final touch that I can't seem to put my finger on. I was wondering what color scheme you were looking into having anyway? Well, anything I can do to help make this process easier and more fun, I'm always always always available.
    Best! :)FSIL

  2. Unfortunately, can't help you with boring air tickets research, or with kosher food for the rabbi. Flowers for the wedding, or any other design consideration, though - that's one of my professions, current and former.

    For a long table, there are only 2 points of access for people to get to their seats, on either side. That creates delay, and in some instances (depending on size of the room), a fire hazard.
    U-table: works better than one long, with regard to ease of access by the guests. It's OK to have a few chairs inside the U, as long as the people on the inside do not block the view of the opposite "wing" of the table for their visavi at their seat. In any case, the short "leg" of the U is where, traditionally, sit the wedding party (bride/groom, 2 sets of parents and maid'honor, etc if there is still space). Everybody want to see the wedding party at all times, so don't sit anyone on the inside U at their "leg".

    Flowers is a whole different story, a lengthy one (if you're interested). If you need any advice or assistance, let me know.
    [I sent you an email that pretty much says the same; you probably missed it, with your hectic schedule]


  3. Karol the U shaped table looks perfect!!! I think its def a good idea, intimate yet everyone is close together.

  4. Karol,
    Love the shoes, good work!

  5. I love the beach bonfire idea and long tables- it's just so much more fun! I'm kind of picturing a Mamma Mia-esque reception for you.
    I totally understand where you're coming from with the lack of sleep, mind racing, constantly making to-do lists in your head. I finally just put a little pad of paper and pen by my bed, and just write it down and it helped me a lot!
    btw thanks for the link! I'm glad to have found your bodacious blog!