Friday, February 20, 2009

It's the first ever Wedding Planning Is Killing Me contest

I don't know a single teenage girl who didn't use St. Ives Apricot Scrub.

Hell, teenage girl? It's the only product IC had in his medicine cabinet when we first started dating.

So it seems fitting that the first contest on this site (and many more to follow) would offer this awesome assortment of St.Ives products as the prize:

St. Ives pic for contest:

Included in your prize package will be:

St. Ives Smoothing In-Shower Exfoliating Body Polish, 8 oz.
St. Ives Protective Cleanser with SPF 10, 4 fl. oz.
St. Ives Mineral Therapy Body Wash, 13.4 fl. oz.
St. Ives Mineral Therapy Advanced Body Moisturizer, 18 fl.oz.

This is what you have to do to enter: in the comment section below, tell me your favorite beauty tip. For example, my favorite beauty trick is using a blowdryer on my eyelash curler for a few seconds before curling my lashes. The result is total vavavoom.

The winner will be chosen at random, by's true random number generator from the total number of comments received. The contest will go on all weekend long and end Monday at noon at which time I will notify the winner.

I can't wait to read your tips!

UPDATE: The contest is over and the winner is...Comment #12! The screenshot is below. Congrats, Stacy!


  1. Deep condition your hair with olive oil! Works like a charm.

  2. Sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. Yawn. Gonna go beautify now.

    P.S. I don't know a single teenage girl who didn't use St. Ives Apricot Scrub.
    Should read "single white teenage girl."

    P.P.S. The winner will be chosen at random, by's true random number generator from the total number of comments received.

    Should read The winner will be Dawn Summers for being forced to come over here with the magical words "free stuff."

  3. Fave makeup: Bare Escentuals. Proactiv cleared up my skin. A friend taught me how to steam my face: wet face a little, put face under towel over steaming bowl of water, add something citrus to the water if you can (fruit, tea), after a few min, gently cleanse and pat dry.

  4. If applying liquid foundation / tinted moisturiser, mix it with a drop of face serum on the back of your hand first using a synthetic foundation brush, then apply to your face with said brush, a tiny bit at a time. You get a lovely sheer but airbrushed finish.

  5. If your eyelash curler is steel and the blow dryer set on "hot", what you're doing is gradually warming the steel (which makes sense - look at the curling irons). Then the effect could be achieved by different means, too - putting the curler for a few minutes in hot water, or even warming it on a radiator (lying on a clean paper towel, preferably).
    Why? I hate blow dryers.
    Thanks for the tip.
    Here's mine:
    In the shower use exfoliating mitt made of synthetic material, not sisal or loofah; those are not machine-washable and tend to attract mildew while drying. Look for mitts advertised for hammam, like this one. It is not a sponge, and should not be used with a soap or on a soapy skin. Use it after a run of a regular shower sponge with soap. You'll see actual, visible dead skin flakes rolling away. Afterward your body is left smooth and polished.

  6. Keeping my beauty routine low profile. I was never a high maintenance gal, but it's great to be able to look good fast.

  7. sanmagall at hotmail dot comFebruary 21, 2009 at 5:52 PM

    Aveeno positively radiant lotion is a miracle worker for pink white skin and it has SPF.

    Oil of Olay regenerist night cream-- amazing. even Consumer Reports rated that it beat out all the super expensive night creams out there.

    Drink lots and lots of water -- best skin hydrator (from within)

  8. my secret beauty regimen:

    1. brush teeth twice a day
    2. shower or bathe weekly
    3. fight off the ladies with a stick

  9. i put a layer of chapstick over powder eye shadow so it doesnt run. especially useful when you want to buy wet n wild $1.99 eye shadows in fun colors.

  10. I have been searching like crazy for a face moisturizer that moisturizes my super dry skin without leaving my face oily. Strangely, I found that Gold Bond Ultimate Healing lotion works the best ( Keeps my face soft, super-moisturized and smooth. It also smells wonderful!

  11. Moisturize your face daily with a face lotion that has sunscreen--and don't forget your neck. Wipe off any extra lotion onto the backs of your hands because they get exposed to the sun, too!

  12. Baby oil to remove eye makeup.

  13. Always moisturise your neck, chest, hands and elbows when moisturising. I am not very up on all the "in" makeup stuff, and that tip came from my mum...

  14. Mix a spoonful of honey into your conditioner for extra moisturisation/frizz taming and a light hold. Or mix it with hot water and rinse to leave a light coating, really excellent for wavy/curly hair. It does not leave your hair sticky at all, promise! This can also lighten hair slightly with sun exposure so be careful if you don't want that! Steff

  15. Cover up stray gray hairs with a powder eyeshadow that matches your hair color. If you don't have time to get your hair colored and you only have a few gray hairs, this should stick as long as it doesn't rain.

  16. Sea Salt and Honey exfoliate skin like nothing else.