Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The wedding was here before I knew it so I never got to conclude my series of what went into our awesome gift bags.

First, another word about the gift bags themselves. We got them from Canyon Beachwear, I've written about my love for Canyon before, but I really can't say enough about this amazing company. Not only were their beach bags a huge hit, they included a $25 gift certificate at their stores for all of our guests. I bought two bikinis before the trip, both of which got a "wow" from IC and one of which I'm apparently no longer allowed to wear when I'm not in his presence. Oh the hardships of being married. ;-)

I highly recommend Canyon Beachwear to future destination brides, for the beach bags and the bathing suits. They rock.

I've already told you about some of the things that went into the bags:

--Bath and Body Works True Blue spa products

--Priori Sunblock

--Ocean Potion hair mist

We also included Korres skin care samples. I love their olive face scrub and yoghurt cream!

A last-minute addition to the bags, which was such a big hit I actually had boys asking me for more of them, were Elizabeth Grant eye pads. I lounged on the deck on our wedding day with these under my eyes and felt like a million bucks.

We also included Frommer's phenomenal guides in many of the bags (and tried to give underwater cameras to the rest). I LOVE Frommer's. They are the only ones who make a guide, that I know of, to Turks&Caicos. Some guests got Frommer's Caribbean guides.

I love this next addition--Guests who have kids got this adorable book in their bag:

We also included playing cards, a schedule, a crossword puzzle about us (made here), a Where, When & How magazine about T&C and a Providenciales dining guide (as most guests were either coming before our official dates or staying longer).

Here are some shots of IC putting together the bags:

Making gift bags

Making gift bags

It was much harder work than it looks and in my next installment of the wedding weekend I'll tell you about how Friday (the day these pics were taken) was the hardest day of our whole trip.


  1. I loved your gift bag and my husband loved the eye pads too!!!! The Priori sunblock was the best I've ever used!!! Canyon Beachwear here I come!!!

  2. The beach bags were a great idea!! BIG UPS to the True Blue Spa 45SPF "Watch Your Mouth" lip balm haha- such a good product. Smells like summer, very refreshing I use it all the time.

    Thank you!

  3. all of the products were great! the eye pads really did rock. i also love frommers.

  4. I agree, the eye pads were super useful as was everything else. The sun block saved me, (albeit a little too late ) but, it could have been worse without it haha.
    The water babies book was adorable and very thoughtful.

  5. I loved every single item in the bag. It was such a great idea. The True Blue Spa lip balm really was key for how strong the sun was. The sunscreen was also awesome, thin but did the job.

  6. You must be talking about the white one... don't remember if I mentioned it to you on the beach but it was sooo pretty.

    Thanks so much for the gift bags! My favorite was the lip balm... you dont generally see spf 45 lip balms. And it smelled so good and beachy, I wore it every day. The Priori sunscreen came in handy too, although we used it on our bodies.

  7. You must be talking about the white one... don't remember if I mentioned it to you on the beach but it was sooo pretty.Haha, yep, the white one. IC was like "you are never wearing this unless I'm in close proximity again."

  8. SIL LOVES YOU THIS MUCH!April 23, 2009 at 8:50 AM

    GIFT BAGS WERE OUT OF THIS OLAM (WORLD,ha) I felt like a child at Channukah with all those goodies inside. I never got Channukah presents too, so it was double the experience :) LIP BALM rocked the house. HAIR MIST really good, I still actually use it after showers. EYE PADS were extremely refreshing and cool, and you notice a difference just after two uses. Canyon Beachwear is my new summer tote!! Im already been skimming the Frommer's book for our next Caribbean destination - wooooooooohooooooooooooo.

    ps -----where do I get more kores skin care products???
    Everyone thought it was so good they took mine, and I didnt get to try!

  9. Great choice in products, I've now been introduced to some products that will remain permanent staples in my beauty repertoire

  10. These gift bags are better than anything I've ever seen!!!!

  11. Wow these products look great. I'm going to buy some to put in the gift bags for my out of town guests! Thanks for all the help, congratulations to you both!

  12. I love the bags and I still use it every time I go to the beach now that its nice out! I also loved the lip balm and keep it in my purse 24/7!

  13. I love the True Blue spa body lotion and foot cream. I must say, I am a bit obsessed with both and will have to buy the products when they run out. I also loved the sunblock-- not too greasy, not too creamy, just right!

    It was quite comical watching my mom confuse the hair mist for sunblock and spray this all over my dad-- yup it happened.

    What a fabulous idea! Thank you again!


    Oh- and the beach bag now serves as my gym bag/computer case (*multi-purpose)