Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We're back!

I'm still on major wedding overload (I've gone through several thousand photos from our photogs and the guests at this point) so it'll be another day or two before I get back to serious blogging (and it will be serious, I have a lot to say). The wedding was amazing, I'll have lots of pictures and details up soon.

I never revealed the location and now that it's over I'd like to tell you all about the Gansevoort Turks&Caicos where we held our wedding. It was PHENOMENAL. The place is just stunning and the people there made our wedding a wild success. I've had a bunch of prospective T&C brides contact me for information on T&C and I really can't recommend Gansevoort enough. It's breathtaking! Some pics of our unbelieveable hotel (the pics do it no justice, you can not be prepared for its beauty) follow.

This is the view from the lobby, taken by our friend Lauren. It is completely wow-inducing:

View from Lobby

Also by Lauren, a pic of her room. I'll show you guys our just unreal penthouse suite in future posts:
Gansevoort Room

This is a view from one of the rooms taken by Sharon S. All but seven of the Gansevoort rooms are ocean-front. The seven are overlooking the pool and still have a view of the ocean:


This one is from Sharon M., a view of the buildings from the beach. The beach looks crowded but really, our wedding brought the crowd. We added 65 people who were at the beach almost the whole time. There's tons of room on the beach, it's actually the widest stretch of beach in Provo:

Gansvoort Beach

The pool is just outrageous. I'm so not a pool person but it was the most welcoming, inviting, beautiful pool you ever did see. I ended up swimming in it twice and I never swim in pools when there's an ocean right there. Here are two pics by our friend Cora:



Also taken by Cora, the living room of a 1-bedroom suite:


Two amazing shots of the beach:



And me on the first night we got there, the Thursday before our Monday wedding (the sky is so beautiful in the shot that we're going to overlook that I somehow got white marks on my dress):


It wasn't just beautiful. We got the comment from several guests that it was the most beautiful hotel they'd ever been to. And from a well-traveled group of mostly Russians and Israelis, that's really saying something.

I also have to say something about Bagatelle restaurant, the restaurant at the Gansevoort which hosted our welcome beach bbq as well as our reception dinner (pictures of everything to follow). They worked their collective butts off for us. They made sure everything was exactly how we wanted it. They just did a really terrific job and I highly recommend them to future T&C brides.

More to come, stay tuned!


  1. Karol -
    The hotel looks amazing. I'm so happy for you....CONGRATULATIONS!! I think a trip to T&C may need to be in my future ;-)

  2. Dude...I was there and this place really was beautiful. The island is incredible, the sand is like baby poweder (literally that soft) and the scenery was just ridiculous. My words cannot do it justice so I will just say that this was the best time ever. Awesome people, awesome place, awesome wedding. I was so happy to be there and think we should go back on the first anniversary.

  3. for vacation purposes - and keeping in mind that my kids are well traveled and get that they need to behave and can eat in restaurants and such - is it welcoming to good kids (well a good 3.5 year old and a baby)who would LOVE that ocean?

  4. Yes! Totally. One couple brought their two-year old and he had a blast. They had a crib for his room and arranged a babysitter.

    And LCruz, there are direct flights! And take me with you!

  5. That pool is amazing. That place is amazing. CONGRATULATIONS!

  6. Yeah, we ARE going to say nothing about Blue Dress With White Stains Of Mysterious Nature...
    In other news - great pictures (I browsed through about 400 of them).
    Three things:

    -You, your dress, your flowers and your father were the stars of the party. [Why I had never been introduced?]
    -the B. handbag suits you perfectly. Glad you didn't fight the impulse
    -Yelena is very photogenic.