Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

If Thursday was a day we got to chill, Friday, the day before our wedding weekend would officially begin, was hectic.

First of all, we had not yet worked out our seating chart for the reception dinner. I know, I know, people do this months and years and decades in advance and here we are 3-days out figuring out who will sit where, the horror. The problem was that we had put together a fairly perfect arrangement of 6 tables of 10 or 11 people (we were 65 in total). The restaurant manager, as well as our wedding planner, told us this was just not possible. So we spent all of Friday racking our brains trying to make a different arrangement work. It easily took the whole day. I'm not going to say we weren't a little frustrated when we were eventually told our original layout could work. But whatever, it was done, finally.

Couple that with putting together the gift bags and trying to greet each group of guests as they arrived, we didn't even see the beach until about 4pm when we both couldn't take it anymore and had to go outside. Which kinda sucks cause, did you see the beach? This was a shot of our friends frolicking in the water while we slaved away in the room. Boooooooo:

Phil, Slava, Mike, Jayden, BB

When we finally made it out we were greeted by happy family and friends and a beautiful sea:

Maya, Sharon, Ronnie, Shearly

About 40 people were now at the hotel to attend our wedding with about 20 more arriving the next day. Everyone was on their own for dinner but most of our friends waited for us to be done with our errands and our dinner group was something like 14 people. We ended up at Horse-eye Jacks, a casual dining spot which I had visited during my first trip to Provo. Decent food with a conch-heavy menu.

Here's me and my almost-husband after dinner (yes, I got the bag, people, and I LOVE it):

Shai and K

IC had the cutest outfits for every day of our weekend (yes, I picked them out but he was the one who wore them so well). Stay tuned for his BLAW! outfit from our rehearsal dinner.


  1. It's cool that you're writing all this down. It'll be nice to be able to read again years from now, I'm sure.

  2. It's already getting hard to remember so I'm trying to get it down as fast as I can. ;-)