Friday, May 22, 2009

Trash. That. Dress. April 7, 2009

Before I knew anything about what our wedding would be like, I knew I was trashing the dress. Why try to keep perfect a dress you will never wear again when you can get some amazing photos out of it?

All the photos in this post were taken by the fabulous Matthew Szlakowicz unless otherwise indicated:

I envisioned photos on these steps the very first time I saw the Gansevoort Turks&Caicos:


The Gansevoort property just lends itself to beautiful photos:


Then we kicked off our shoes and went on the sand:


Some of our friends were hanging out on the beach watching the shoot.

Ren+Carly took this one (that horse is about to um, release, right by that couple and their dog:


These are from Max+MIchelle:

Shai and K

Shai and K

Back to Matthew's pics:


I wanted to keep my hair and make-up pretty casual but in retrospect I wish I had done more with my hair than just tie it back while it was wet. I think we're going to photoshop out the pieces of hair randomly sticking out of my bun:


If I had to do it over, I'd also have less pics of us kissing. I mean, yeah, yeah, we're married but about half the shots are us lip-locked:


I love the shots where you can see us in the water:



It was an overcast day, the first of the whole trip, so the sunset wasn't that dramatic. Still the colors of the sky were so beautiful:


Other than the pronounced size of my arm, this was my favorite pic of the shoot:



My hair got messier as we got wetter:


But it was so much fun, we didn't care:


I should've had my hair down the whole time! Oh well:


I love this last shot. We look as happy as we were:

That's it for wedding weekend at the Gansevoort posts. Next up, honeymoon at Parrot Cay! Come visit!


  1. Karol... love the pics! I love the trash-the-dress concept. I want to apologize for not responding to a comment you left on my blog back in January - I got so wrappped up in planning, I didn't blog for 8 months! I'm back online, so check out my blog when you have time. Glad to see everything went well - and congrats!

  2. So beautiful! Glad the pictures turned out so lovely and that you had fun too!

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